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Dug up from the Archives… 2 snaps I took in Florence, Italy a few years ago.

Taken in New York at a Toll, had to get a sneaky snap quickly before I could be noticed.

First time in New York City.


Engineered Garments Showroom

(via suzukisora)

at Manhattan Bridge

Final day in NYC.

My favorite jacket from #EngineeredGarments for ss15

#Slow (at Canal Street (Manhattan))

Me and @henrikarild #thuggin! (at ROBERTAS)

#Art (at Brooklyn SouthSide)

#NewYork (at SoHo,Manhattan,New York)

A visit to @nepenthesny was in order! Absolute killer store! (at Nepenthes Boutique)

I was so stoked to go to Popeyes today! Thanks @henrikarild @tombettinson @choupay for making my dream come true. (at Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen)

New York New York (at Be Hotel)

On route to New York ✈️🌎🗽 gotta use that 4G before the data roaming charges kick in! (at Copenhagen Airport, Terminal 3)

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